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Industrial & Commercial Projects


Turnstyle Construction Ltd is a family owned and run business, being a nationwide multi-disciplinary contractor our pride and exacting standards run throughout the company. We welcome you to look through our website and if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Construction Aspects

Turnstyle Construction ltd will undertake all types of Commercial and Industrial construction. This is from complete new builds to refurbishment and maintenance.

We offer all our services as stand alone or fully integrated. These services can range from:

– Civil engineering

– Structural steel work

– Roofing and Cladding

– Dry-walling and ceilings

– Flooring

– Painting

– We also offer all types of maintenance from gutter cleaning to cladding patch work.


Roof Refurbishment

The average maintainable life of a warehouse roof is between 20 to 40 years depending on location and materials used.

Many options are available to keep the building weathertight after the maintainable life of a roof is reached.

Such as strip and resheet or over roof and changing the roof lights. Please contact us for further information.


At the end of a lease of a warehouse or offices, landlord costs to carry out dilapidations can be enormous.

Turnstyle Construction offers a full delaps service to offices, yards and warehousing. Saving thousands on landlord surveyors estimates.


Warehouse cladding is very susceptible to damage caused by vehicle and forklift truck impact. It is important to stay on top of the repairs to keep the building looking its best and to keep it vermin proof.


LGV and forklift truck movements are extremely wearing on any surface. We are able to carry out minor repairs such as re-masticing joints (an important task to stop water getting underneath the slab and damaging the sub base eventually causing the slab to fail) right up to full resurfacing or relaying the whole yard.


Refurbishing office blocks is a brilliant way to keep your workforce and clients happy.


Maintenance saves a fortune in the long run

Regular maintenance to a building can prolong its lifespan. Turnstyle Construction offers a comprehensive maintenance programme for the entire building fabric.

Turnstyle Construction prides itself on our ability to carry out in-depth works and yet cause minimal disruption to our clients operation.


Roof and Gutter Maintenance

As it is important to maximise the lifespan of sheeted roofs, we can do this through carrying out regular maintenance to the roof.

The services we are able to offer include:


Gutter Cleaning

Debris in gutters can lead to leaks, premature corrosion, blocked down pipes and drains.


Gutter Lining

Gutters that have past their serviceable life can be lined with propriety systems.


Cut Edge Corrosion

Cut edge corrosion can seriously reduce the lifespan of a roof, we are able to offer systems which repair the damage and extend the life of the roof.


Roof light Cleaning

Clean roof lights allows more natural light into the workspace saving on utility bills.


Cladding Maintenance

There are a few ways to keep the building looking its best everyday. Turnstyle Construction offers a cladding cleaning service which is also proven to prolong its lifespan.